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Both of us are short on time to spend reading lengthy blogs. Will keep this very short and sweet. 


  • Email me if you are interested in purchasing my artwork. Or if you would like me to display my work in your place of business for a short or long time.
  • I do accept PayPal. I did not set up a quick pay though for security reasons. This is why you need to email me at : . I would rather us do the purchase as a one time event between the two of us.
  • I do not send any artwork framed. Especially with glass. Too risky of being broken. Plus it cost both of us way too much extra weight for shipping. When I ship my work to you, it will be wrapped in either shrink wrap or plastic wrap. Then it will be place between foam core boards to prevent bending. The last piece I shipped arrived well without damage this way. It will be in a very large envelope as well.
  • I also do not ship anywork framed for your taste aesthetics. You may not agree with the type of frame I would pick for my artwork. I would rather you have the pleasure of working with a framer. Pick out what would work out best for your own tastes and interior decorating needs. A experienced framer can do much more for you and your purchase of my artwork. Hope you agree.

That's all I got folks. Hope everything is clear enough. If not, please email me with your questions. I will answer within a day most likely.


Leslie Lemieiux