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The hardest thing about life is all the curve balls it brings to you. Ever since I was a child, all I wanted to do was create art. Some artists have been blessed with a few curve balls. Others have them come in waves. Not me, I have them every day. Just when I think I will have time to sit down and create something new, or work on an exsisting piece, the curve ball hits me.


This week curve ball is a nasty head cold. I have my laptop on my bed, box of tissues next to me, plus a bottle of water. My head hurts too much to be able to work on the next piece of art I have prepped. It seems like a good time to work on making an art website. I do believe in throwing back that curve ball where it came from. 


Being a working artist is a challenge for me. Like many of my college aspiring artists that graduated during the Recession, I have had to take a "day job to support my passion." I so hate that phrase. On so many levels. This is how I got into the teaching profession. Right after I graduated, the first job I landed was with a rural school in Montana. I became a ParaProfessional teacher. Apparently I was very good at it. The Principal/Superintentent urged me to go back for my certification. 


When the Recession hit, artists were in a Depression. It was extremely bad in the state of Montana. I knew many artists that had to put their career on hold and grab any job they could. It has not improved much for artists here since then. Many of us are still doing a "real job" and our artwork when we can fit it into our schedules of two or three part-time jobs.


The only artists that I have not seen hit so hard are those who were established long before this Recession hit. The professors at the colleges and those close to retirement age. New artists are just beginning to find ways to make their work and show it in local galleries.


Having been an Art Preparator in the past for a non-profit gallery, I watched all of this happen. Talented artists are working at the Co-op or waiting tables. They are still trying to get their work "out there" in galleries. The galleries are gutted with artists and their work. In Montana, most of those galleries are for representational works of art. 


Now, I can and have done that landscape type of work. I am tired of it. I have chosen to just come up with my own style, since I am older than dirt, and don't give a damn about fitting into some "sellable" form of artwork. I have lived more than long enough to know that life is too short. So I will just keep doing my own thing and see what comes of it.


This is where you either like it or you don't. I think I will be more successful just using the Internet as an audience. You, the reader of this blog, can surely add your two cents. Leave me comments, critiques, or just a friendly "hi." I hope to be able to blog at least once a week.  I know that I should do it daily, but really? I am a slow typer, and spend too much time on the web as it is. I would rather make art than spend my time surfing the web. Which I do quite well. Please keep in touch with my site. I appreciate you taking the time to be here and a part of my life.