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 The problem with having a "real" job instead of staying home to work on my passion, is the obvious problem of time. My time at the job is devoted to the job. Which takes away from time drawing. If I am at home drawing, then I loose instant income. Since I am a "new" artist, the "real" job tends to get first dibs on my time. 


This "real" job that I have for now is working in the public schools as a substitute teacher. Up until last week, I was very engaged in doing the job needed with the students. This week was different. 


As you are beginning to see, this time I had extra time to actually draw while in class. My assignments this week have been in the high school and middle school. The homeroom teachers had everything arranged to perfection. Students worked on assignments, while I literally had nothing to do but take the attendence for the day. 



After the first day of this, I realized what a perfect opportunity it would be for me to work on some sketches. This was the first day of "nothing to do" while the students worked on their assignments. On this day, I had a hard time thinking of what to draw. So I just worked on some rudimentary exercise for my hands.



The second day posed the same problem. What do I do? This sketchbook is only about 4x6 inches, so that really limits what I can do. I ended up calling the one above, "Controlled Chaos."



Finally for today, I decided to get smart and bring something to practice drawing with. As you can see, much better focus on my drawing skills. I love doing fantasy work, when I can think of it. I just do not have good ideas on a consistant basis. I really do much better working with some type of model, no matter what the source. If I can see it, I can sketch it. Pulling stuff out of my head is more difficult than in my past. Must be my age. 


Lesson learned. I will bring something to work on during those days I end up substituting for the upper grades. More importantly, I work better working with some reference material for inspiration.



There was one day I was not at work, but home ill. This sketch was done on the first day of the week.