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Most of the week has been a combination of dealing with the cold, working with students as a substitute teacher and the every day humdrum of life. The highlight of the week was on Friday. For the first time in ages, I was back in an art class. Specifically, a graphic arts classroom for high school students. How I miss being in a real studio. I did go back at lunch to get some artwork to work on. Student's really did not need me to be there at all. Tomorrow I will go back for day two of this assignment. You can believe that I will bring my own "homework" to work on.


A couple of hours after I wrote this I finished my mixed media piece called "Head In The Clouds". I believe I overdid it on this painting/drawing. When I realized that I had done this, I decided to just go on with the process. Not sure how it would end up, pushing on was a good choice. Yes, it is a bit much, but that is the whole point of someone with their focus off the earth. Enjoy the new piece.