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     I have been gone from my studio for the past week. Prior to the trip, was the "getting everything ready for the trip." In between substitute teaching and the getting ready, my time for doing any artwork was lost.


    The trip...well, the trip was to take care of an item that my father had to deal with. You see, not only do I have to have some work to survive and pay the rent, i.e. the substitute teaching, I also have an elderly parent to now take care of. He takes up a substantial part of my time, which is another reason why I do not get as much drawing time in as I would like.


    My father I had just moved up to Montana from California last Spring. He suffered a heart attack and can no longer drive and take care of himself. He also has memory issues that require him to have to move into an assistant living care home. We found an excellent place for him, which I have no complaints. I see him every third day, since he tends to panic if he does not see me by then. What the assistant living does not take care of, I do. Which means that now I am in charge of two households instead of one. There goes my time for doing my artwork.


   The trip to California was to take care of the last of his affairs that was still  there. Two and a half days down Highway 15 through Salt Lake, Las Vegas and then Southern California. We stopped to visit my mother, aunts, and cousins in between taking care of my father's business. The return trip was about the same amount of time back. I heard the same questions, remarks, and thoughts verbally by my father both ways on the trip at least a hundred times. 


    I am exhausted. I am glad that the trip is done. I enjoyed being with my family, all of them, over the 50 years old group. Our days left on this earth is so precious. More precious than coming up with another drawing or painting. It was worth every bit of time I could have used doing artwork. I will draw again, but not for a few days at least. I am so glad I did the trip, but also glad it is over.

My mother and father. They have been divorced since I was five years old.