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    The problem with blogging is that it means you have something to say. What if you don't have anything to say that you feel that others would want to read? I think it is just a sign of my age. I am in the over 50 age group. We did not grow up with the computer. It is still something that I find I have to get use to.


   My generation...well, didn't we do all our talking when we were young and full of ambition? Everyone knows about the "baby boomers." We were wild, set the world on fire with our sit ins and revolutions. We made rock and roll what it is today. We were the kids that did the 'love ins' and started Earth Day. The sixties and early seventies are a result of our 'voices' creating 

some of the best changes to happen to American society. 


   Now, our voices are not to be heard as well. There is a new generation out there now to continue what we started and our children have carried on for them.  The voice I had as a youth now belongs to others to change their distant futures. Their time is now, because, what they do not realize is how quickly that distant future actually becomes the past dreams they had. 


   I see it now as I am charge of taking care of my elderly parent. My world collides with the memories of a life that is almost over. Where each day, the memory changes in people, places, and what year it took place. What remains though is the feeling behind the memory. Of fondness for the love given then. Of the strength behind the people that made them into the person they are now. How that is all that is left after the world says you have nothing we want anymore.


  My world also has the future signing into my Facebook page everyday through my children and grandchildren. Where I see that growing up remains almost the same throughout the generations. Only difference now is the miles between us disappear with the clicks of the mouse and keyboard. The colors, the means, the styles, what is popular is different, that is all. Their anticipations, their dreams, their hopes are all before them they think in some distant future. How little they know.


  In those constantly changing worlds which I am sandwich between is the reality of my world, humble as it is. With my husband, who keeps me steady, and loved. Who knows the me without the reminder of my distant past where I came from and the those bearing my future dreams yet to be. Together we work the art of living now. We no longer have the overbearing need of our loving past or dynamic future to guide us. Those of our loins will be doing that.  I now enjoy each moment, letting it glide by me and transforming me each time.


  There lies the reason why I am silent and without words. I can now see that words are only necessary for forcing change in some direction. I kinda like letting things just be. I no longer need a cause to say something about. Do I have opinions about what is going on in the world? Of course! But, let me ask you, would my mouthing my opinions really change your own opinions about whatever? My experience says "no." At least concerning those important issues in your life. Maybe I can change your mind on some of the smaller issues of life that really don't change what you do in life, like politics and religion. 


I prefer people just experiencing life alongside me. How you interpret the experiences with me is going to be unique to your life experiences. I am just happy that you were with me, and I was not alone. So, all of this is to say, please enjoy my latest drawing. It is one of my husband's and my favorite spots on the Yellowstone River. I worked on it during my down times while substitute teaching in the schools here in Billings MT. You can read the stats on it in the gallery. Just enjoy the journey with me. Thanks


Autumn Glory on the Yellowstone