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I am guilty of being distracted from starting on any new artwork. The substitute teaching up to this point has worn me thin by the time I get home. Now that this phase of my life is over, I can begin to figure out the direction I wish to go. Problem is that I like doing many different things with techniques. It is like having the best toybox in the world, and not knowing which toy to play with. I think I am going back to my landscapes, but more on the watercolor side for now. 


The biggest hinderence I have at the moment is the lack of space to actually work on anything, other than small works of watercolor. I literally only have a desk in my livingroom. The rules for living in our apartment make it so I cannot do much of anything. So, back to "safe" works for the near future. Hopefully by the end of Summer, I will have a studio finally. We are working on it.


The drawings below are from several years ago in one of my sketchbooks.


This final drawing in pen and ink is a birthday card for a dear friend.


Enjoy the rest of your week.