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My husband and I are in the midst of a major life changing event. For months now, he has been in the Pacific Northwest, looking for a new home for us. The 'us' includes my father. Last year, I moved my father up from his home from Southern California to Billings MT. Currently, he lives in an assistant living facility. Taking an 80 plus year old man, use to warmer temperature to one of the coldest winter's on record was tough on him. I vowed to not allow that to happen again. After living in Montana for over 30 years, it was the last straw for me as well. 


As you can imagine, looking for an affordable place in a tight real estate market has been tough. More time than I would like to admit has been stolen from my art making processes to looking at places with my husband online. After six months though, we have finally found a suitable home for the three of us. 


What is more exciting is that I can finally build a studio as I have always wanted. Right now, my ability to work on anything is severely limited to small works in what I would call, "clean and easy" media. That means, pencils, and watercolors. The rules in the apartment I rent are strict. I dare not even make any mess. The below picture shows the current situation I am able to work with. It also shows my current project I am working on for a client. 


As you can see, tis a bit on the small size. That pencil sketch is on the back of a chair. 


I will work on this project, and one other, before moving to our new home come September. My job description will go to full time caretake/full time artist. Looking forward to the new change in my career.