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For the last month or so, I have been working on a couple of commission pieces for friends and acquaintances. I will, from here on out, never do that again. So, let me start with the first commission.


A dear friend asked me to design a tee-shirt for a fundraiser. Since this was a cause dear to my heart, I donated my work to it. The organizers of the fundraisers liked it. It was on their webpage, until a few days ago. Apparently, the college students said that they would not wear it. So they canned my design. My friend has yet to show me the replacement, but she has said she did not like the new design. At least that is a bit of comfort.



The other commission was to take a family photo and convert it into a drawing. It was the first time I have been asked to do this. She loved the pencil sketch, but hated the colored pencil results. 


This was the photo I had to work with.


The rough draft establishing the values I needed to establish.


The final results that my acquaintance did not like. 


Lesson learned. Good practice, good experience. No more commissions. Continue to do my own thing, as my husband so rightly tells me. 


Now, onto the business of getting ready to move to Oregon in five weeks.