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In a few days, we will close on this place and this will be our new back yard view. I am excited about the new chapter about to begin in my life. The reasons for moving out of Montana to Oregon are complicated and personal. What I do want to share with you though, is how will this affect my artworking process.


The majority of my adult life, I have lived in rented apartments. Some better than others. The biggest struggle has been working with materials that would not leave any footprint once I had to leave. Floors have been covered with tarps. Walls also. Any possible surface that could possibly get paint or wax or anything else, had to have protection from my working hands. The end results was that I stuck to working in a tight, controlled manner with any medium. Or any work I created had to be small, due to lack of working space. Experimentation? Only if I was very careful. 


Now, for maybe the first time in my life, (other than the rental in Big Timber, though it was very limited due to a shiny dark stained floor), I will have a place to finally create as my own studio. This is huge. Not only that, the view will be attached to the one in the photo above. After we are all settled in, I will take our garage area and finally make my own studio, on my terms. I cannot wait to see what I can create without fear that I will ruin a wall or floor with paint, wax or who knows what I decide to use to create.


Create, to make something that has not been made before. To use materials in a meaniful manner. I have accomplished most of my goals for my life, but this is the last one. To have a studio of my own. Where I can finally soar and achieve what has not ever been possible up to this point of my life.


How can I thank my dear husband for finding this for me? For us? I cannot even begin to bring justice in a simple "thank-you" to all the hard months of work that he experience looking for this place. He truely loves me in a way unlike any other. I am so grateful for him. Without him, I could have never realized my last major goal in be a working artist. 


The move will take place at the end of the month, so until then, my focus will be dealing with all the ins and outs of preparing, doing and finally, settling in from the move. Expect some interesting work to be coming out of our new place come this Fall.