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Upon my arrival to our new home, I thought things were going smoothly. What a fool I was to think that!  No, our kitchen was all torn apart. No carpenter lined up. The same problem still exists. While I was able to make the master bedroom into my father's room, via painting and cleaning in depth, the rest of the house was only a shell which to place items into.


There was much anquish and nashing of teeth through the whole month of August and September. I still only have a temporary laundry room sink which to wash my dishes by hand in. The stove and refriderator are functioning. I put up plastic shelving to hold pots and pans with the microwave. For most of September, my husband and I slept on air mattresses or our bed mattress on the floor. 


Fortunately for my 86 year old father, we lined up his cable TV and made his room complete immediately. A man in his elderly condition cannot wait for remodling to be done. I was able, and continue to take care of him without concern. My husband, by the skin of his teeth, made sure that the basic functions of the place were working before we three made the long trip from Montana to Oregon. I can cook, wash, and do laundry without problems. It has been a good move for my father. He loves the beauty of the state and our home. Every day, Dad will be enjoying the creek behind our home at least several or more times. I am glad that we made the move for his sake.


In the meantime, my husband's working space for the remodling of the kitchen is in the adjoining family room. This area of the home will be my future art studio. At the rate we are getting this done, it will be a long ways off before I will be able to set up shop. In fact, yesterday, I moved most of my art belongings, except for the paintings, out in the carport shed just to free up floor space in our place. We still have our full kitchen and all art/knicknacks/other stuff in boxes still. The only other room that is complete now is the bedroom my husband and I share. Everything else has been a slow work in progress. 


A large part of our time has been lost in taking my father all over the place. He loves traveling. And, he gets bored easily. We have seen his cousin up in Seattle, gone to Astoria and Seaside, several trips to Portland, as well as the many trips taken to Lowes, Home Depot, Target, grocery stores, and whatever needed to be done. Civilization is four miles minimum away. More like fifteen if being realistic. Oregon has terribly slow speed limits compared to Montana. If the road doesn't slow you down, walking with a loved one using a cane will do the trick.


Doing artwork for now is trumped by the need to paint walls, put in new shelving, tear down old stuff and shop for replacements. Don't forget all the transferring of all accounts and setting up new accounts. I miss dearly having my studio. My husband knows this. He is doing all he can to make it happen. I am just impatient as usual.