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This will be short and sweet. I have not been able to do much in the way of art due to

  • The Holidays, enough said.
  • Too many doctor and dental appointments.
  • Having to spend too much time cooking gluten-free and from scratch. I am a Celiac, and there is no way out of this. Plus, I have to cook food for the family.
  • Taking care of those little needs of an elderly parent with dementia.
  • Pre-paring for tax season and turning in a very messy year financially for three adults. Now I take a breather and wait for my accountant to do the rest.

There are my lousy excuses. I did just join a newly forming artist collective. I hope life will allow me be more motivated. I have also decided to knuckle down and get my aunt's poems illustrated for her before I loose that chance to make her happy.


The only thing I have been able to produce for the first six weeks of this year is this little piece I call "Glint". Underpainting of acrylic with charcoal on top. I just drove by this in my neighborhood and loved how the sunlight hit the little stream. Hope you enjoy it too.