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Have you ever hit the wrong button on your email and deleted the wrong stuff? I sure did one day. Turns out it worked in my favor. I had to go to my trash and junk mail to try to find all the mail I wanted back. I never did find them. Yet, as I was going through my junk folder, an email caught my eye. It said they liked my artwork. What? That is a first! So I opened it up.


It was from the company, They manufacture clothing with designers from all over the world, ie artists of all kinds. As I kept checking them out, I liked what I was seeing. They were legit. I had my cynical husband, who has a passion of not trusting anything on the web to check this company out. He thought they were legit as well. If he is content, then I would be. I decided to give it a try.


Once I signed up as a designer, I realized, the company was right. My artwork did look beautiful on their clothing they offered. It was an easy process of uploading up my chosen photo, then resizing and moving it around to fit the piece of clothing I had wanted. After I was done with the process, signed out, it was time to advertise. Over to FaceBook I go to do a trial run on paid advertising my new products. 


I am just in the beginning stages of this new adventure. I hope it is fruitful for me. Only time will tell. If nothing else, I am enjoying doing this immensely.