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This has been the hardest month I have ever lived in my life. My love of my life, my high school sweetheart, who found me online only five years dear sweet and funny husband of four and a half years was killed by a drunk driver 33 days ago. My life is upside down and I am in a world of hurting. 


I have no desire to paint, draw, or do any artwork. I see no point, since we were artists together. Dealing with all the "responsibilities" surrounding his death, plus taking care of my elderly father with dementia, (he was in a respite care facility until September 22), have zapped me as well. I have to settle his estate now, so I cannot even think of working in my studio. Nor do I have any clue when I will want to work in it. 


So for now, whatever you see on this webpage is all I have for artwork. I hope you enjoy it. I am posting below just one of the many little drawings my husband use to do. Take care.