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The Artist and Statistics



We live in a world of statistics. I guess that is bound to happen with over six billion people on this planet. Let me get to the point, since you will read this for only 30 seconds.



Bachelor's in Studio Arts from Montana State University, Bozeman MT, in the year 2009.

K-12 Art Educators Licence from the Office of Public Instruction, Helena MT, 2013.


Was holding a side job on top of doing my passion, as a substitute teacher for the Billings School District during the Spring of 2014.


Living in Boring, Oregon.


Full time caregiver for my father as of Fall 2014.


Married, mother to six, grandmother to three. 


I have been drawing since I was a child. 


Your thirty seconds are up, so now you will have to read the blog section to see a more personal side of me.  :]