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The Holy Art Statement of BS.

How we respond to the things we see with our eyes and in our mind that facinate me. For how we interpret the signals within and outside us create our view of reality. Each one of us are products of the space around us. Each one of us interprets our external space within the boundries of our experiences, opinions and confines of our minds. There is a fusion of the unseen world with the seen world. Somewhere inbetween lies the truth.


The truth may be a lie in itself. How do we really know for sure? It is a question that is eternal, that each thinking person wonders about sometime in their life. This we do "know"...we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell the physical world. Each of us though may not come to the same conclusions. This is where I find inspiration. To take those elements of the physical world and use them in a new way. With my "mindscapes," I utilize all the references of the elements to make something that may or may not exist. I blend realism and abstractions to make something new. Is it a landscape? Or an illustration? How about a painting? How do you interpret all that you see? Do you, the viewer see and feel what I felt when creating the work of art? Do we agree or disagree on our perception of the real physicality of the artwork? How does that bring us together or does it tear us apart from our experiences as human beings?


Overall, it is a spontaneous blending of images in my head with the "known" world. If life is nothing more than an illusion, I must be an illusionist and nothing more. Yet, that is what each of us do every minute of the day. We create an illusion to ourselves of what is ultimately only an interpretation of life. My artwork is a reminder of the ultimate power we each have in our daily affairs. We are not passive but aggressive in what we choose to believe.