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Who Am I. How do You Reach Me?

You can reach me the easiest through my email addresses:


I can also be found on Facebook at :


Now, for who am I part of this page. I am an older woman that likes to draw, paint, write about the life I have lived so far. I do have a Bachelors of Studio Art from Montana State University. I try to find the magic moments in life while living a life with many un-magic moments. Life has not been easy but it is mine. I do not regret what I will share in pieces on this webpage. 


Now that the Corona Virus 19 had disrupted the whole world, my focus on this webpage is to just share my life with others in hopes they do not feel alone in this time of radical changes. I hope sharing my little bit of humanity with you here will connect with your heart and mind. Buying the artwork is secondary to my goal. I just want you, the viewer, feel like you can connect on some level to my world. By doing that, it makes our lives just one step less lonely in a setting where connecting is more difficult than ever.